Chiropractic F.A.Q.

How much does chiropractic cost?

Chiropractic care at our office is very affordable. We do accept most insurance and we would happily verify your benefits with your insurance company on your behalf. If you do not have insurance our services are made affordable and we do offer a Free first exam and x-ray.

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How long will a chiropractic visit take?

It is our goal to help you in the most caring and efficient environment that we can create. We promise to value your time and to honor your appointment time.

Will a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

Our office only use the most gentle and safe techniques. Dr. Haynes started adjusting her daughters only 30 minutes after they were born! We practice multiple techniques so that we can use the most appropriate one for you.

Do chiropractors accept insurance?

Total Health Chiropractic does accept most insurance. Our insurance specialist would happily verify your benefits with your insurance company on your behalf.

BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, United Health Care, and Aetna are some of the insurance companies that cover chiropractic care at Total Health Chiropractic.

Can I still see a chiropractor and get adjusted if I had surgery?

Yes. We will likely take x-rays to help determine the most appropriate chiropractic technique to use after surgery. Even if a surgery included screws being screwed into the spine, it is important to keep the bones surrounding surgery sight healthy and moving. This can help prevent the need for another surgery.

Who can get adjusted by a chiropractor?

Dr. Haynes can adjust and help people of all ages and with a wide range of symptoms. Babies, children, adults, seniors, pregnant women, people who have been in car accidents and people who have just had surgery get adjusted.

Healthy people get adjusted to stay healthy, taking care of small things before they become big things.

Can I see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?

Yes. Chiropractors are trained to use special techniques while a woman is pregnant. The techniques are safe, gentle and effective. Most pregnant women seek a chiropractor to help relieve their back pain. However, seeing a chiropractor at the start of pregnancy can help prevent the onset of back pain. I was adjusted before, during and after both of my pregnancies and felt great.

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